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Signing applications


Digisigner ONE is the only software in Romania that incorporates and manages main cryptographic operations using qualified digital certificates. By using a digital certificate stored on a secure cryptographic device, compatible with the PKCS#11 standard, or stored in a PKCS#12 archive, Digisigner ONE allows users to digitally sign any file or document in a easy way.
You can sign PDF files and also documents in p7s/p7m format.
Digisigner One, used with a Digisign qualified certificate, brings an undeniable security to documents and files, by integrating digital signatures and timestamping; verifying digitally signed documents, encrypting and decrypting files.

The Digisigner ONE Multi application is the best solution for digitally signing folders/directories of files regardless of their format(extension), saving time and speeding up the signing process.

If you are interested in the application or wish to receive further details please do not hesitate to contact us.