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Online renewal

Online renewal for digital qualified certificate

1. Trust chain

For updating the trust chain please access  trust chain and download archive in your computer.

Unzip file and install the trust chain in your computer.


 WARNING If you use one of the following operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, please press right-click on cert.exe and select the options Run as Administrator.

Save the document with instructions for  DigiSigner One.

2. e-Token Driver

Please make sure you use the latest version of the eToken device namely SafeNet Authentication Client 10.

The steps for updating the etoken driver are:

  1. Disconnect the eToken device from the computer;
  2. Download the eToken driver:  IMPORTANT! For Windows XP users, please install the SafeNet Authentication Client 8.2 eToken driver:
  3. Install previously downloaded file;
  4. Connect the eToken device in one of the USB ports of your computer.

3. Application Install

Installing a Digital Qualified Certificate and the application DigiSignerONE

  1. Download the install kit from one of the following addresses:
  2. Open the downloaded file from your computer, select the installation language then press OK.

    instalare digisigner one
  3. Press the Next button, then press Next again.

    instalare digisigner one

    instalare digisigner one

  4. Press the Next button, then press Install.

    instalare digisigner one

    instalare digisigner one

  5. In the following window you have four options, as described bellow:

    instalare digisigner one

    • Install eToken driver – Check this box if you the eToken driver isn’t already installed on your computer;
    • Install DigiSign Trust Chain – Check this box if the DigiSign Trust Chain hasn’t been already installed on your computer;
    • Install GhostScript GPL for previewing PDF files. – Check this box in order for DigiSignerONE to be able to display PDF files within the application;
    • Run DigiSignerONE – Check this box if you want to open the application after pressing the Finish button.


 IMPORTANT If the operating system installed on your computer is Windows XP, you need to install the program .NET Framework 4.0 in order to properly install and use the application DigiSignerONE.

4. Preparing the documents

Preparing the needed documentation for the renewal process:

  1. Insert the e-Token device in the USB slot;
  2. Open an Internet browser, go to and select one of the options for filling in the digital certificate form of application;
  3. Make sure that your e-Token device is pluged in and select the option Reinnoire online (Online Renewal);
  4. Press the OK (Validation) button;
  5. Select the certificate you want to renew and then click OK;
  6. Enter the device password and click OK;
  7. The form of application will be automatically filled with information used from the issued certificate


  • Please make sure that the date of issue/expiration of the identity card has the following format ZZ-LL-AAAA.
  1. After you have checked the information in the form of application, you will need to enter the validation code and to press the Trimite (Send) button.

5. Sending the documents

  1. After the order has been added successfully, you will receive via e-mail the next documents:
    • Contract;
    • Declaratie (statement);
    • Conditii Generale (general conditions);
    • Factura proforma (Invoice);

WARNING! You don’t have to print out those documents or send them to our office or Banca Transilvania. The documents will be digitaly sent as specified in the following stages.

  1. Save the documents: you have received in the e-mail specified in the form of application. If you want to save the documents as .pdf, click File > Save a Copy > Save a blank Copy;
  2. Sending the documents via DigiSigner ONE:
  1. Plug into your usb e-token device wich contains the Digisign digital certificate, select the Digisigner ONE shortcut on your desktop or start the program using the meniu : Start - All programs - DigiSign Digisigner One
  2. Press Reinnoire certificat and chose the token wich contains a digital certificate issued by Digisign that you wish to renew Insert the e-token's password then press Urmatorul Pas.

    selectare token
  3. Select the digital certificate and then click on Urmatorul Pas

    selectare certificat
  4. Select one document at a time in order to send them using Digisigner One software:
    • Press Selecteaza declaratie, then choose Declaratie document from your computer and then press Trimite declaratie;
    • Press Selecteaza contract, then choose Contract from your computer and then press Trimite contract;
    • Press Selecteaza CI,then chose the digital copy after the identity card of the holder from your computer and pres Trimite CI (it's mandatory that the digital copy after the identity card must have the following extensions: .pdf, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .tif sau .tiff and please make sure that the document does not exceeds 2 Mb)
    • Press Selecteaza termeni, then choose Termeni from your computer and then press Trimite termeni;


    selectare documente
  • After sending each document you will receive the following message:


    confirmare trimitere document

 WARNING! After your documents will be processed by our operators (in maximum 5 working days) and the payment proof of the invoice is received, you will be notified by e-mail regarding the issuing of your new certificate

6. Update the certificate

Download and update the certificate on eToken device through DigiSigner ONE

  1. After you receive our notification, you will have to connect your e-Token device to the computer, open DigiSigner ONE and please select Actualizeaza certificat.

    importa automat certificatul 
  2. At this point your qualified digital certificate has been successfully updated and you will receive the following message:

    confirmare actualizare certificat
  3. In order to finalize the procedure please remove the e-token usb device from the computer and reconnect it to your pc

    mesaj reconectare token
  4. At the end of this process the Digisigner One application will close.

    mesaj repornire aplicatie

Error solving

  1. If you select the Reinnoire online option option from the form of application and press the Validare button you can receive the following message:

    certificatul nu a putut fi validat dpdv criptografic

    • Please make sure that your e-Token device which contains a valid DigiSign certificate is properly pluged in;
    • close your Internet browser, disconnect/reconnect the e-Token device in the computer and open the Internet browser again;
    • try filling out the form of application with a different browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer).
  2. The option Semneaza toate fisierele (Sign all files at once)

    eroare digisigner one

    • To sign all files at once, you need to purchase a certificate license. Please contact our sales department at
    • If you already have a license and the message still appears, please delete all the files from C:/Users/NumeUser/AppData/Roaming/Digisigner
  3. An error has occurred: Error code is 100353

    eroare digisigner one

    • Check if the time, date and time zone are properly set up.
  4. Error decrypting a file

    eroare digisigner one

    • You have selected to decrypt a file using a different certificate from the one which the file was ecrypted for. Please select the right certificate.
    • If you do not know which one is the certificate the file was encrypted for, please get in touch with the encrypted file sender.