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SSL Certificates

 SSL Certificates

DigiSign is a DigiCert Registered Partner, authorized to provide SSL certificates issued by DigiCert's Certification Authorities.The certificates provided allow up to 256-bit SSL encryption for websites, portals or e-mail servers.

DigiCert is the industry’s most trusted and widely respected provider of high-assurance certificates, trusted by the world’s top companies to secure billions of transactions, worth billions of dollars, every day. For good reason. Since their founding almost two decades ago, DigiCert has been committed to doing what’s right for the internet, putting people ahead of technology, and constantly searching for a better way to solve tomorrow’s most challenging problems. From innovative tools to make the certificate process faster and easier to manage, to security solutions for the post-quantum-computing age, DigiCert is the uncommon denominator in SSL, IoT and PKI solutions.

  What is an SSL certificate?

SSL and TLS are standard protocols for encrypting communication between the user(through a web-browser) and a website that supports the SSL protocol (secure socket layer). Data sent between the browser and server are encrypted using a protocol based on two authentication keys: public and private.Data sent from the browser towards the web server are encrypted using the web site's public key, a process that guarantees that the message can only be decoded by the server that is hosting the website.Furthermore, the certificate (signed by a known and accredited certification authority) guarantees the true identity of the website (non-repudiation) and in the meantime prevents data interception (sniffing) during transmission, regardless of the type of communication used.

Server Certificates become a standard for on-line commerce, banking, insurance and any business for which on-line security is an ongoing concern.


  Seal additional guarantee

By displaying the Website Trust Seal in the pages of the website, visitors can instantly obtain information that certify the origin of the website.
When a user clicks on a website seal within the website they are provided with information about the verified domain, the name of the certification authority and the validity period of the certificate

Furthermore, if the certificate was issued for an organization, the name and exact address of the organization will be displayed as follows:

All of the DigiCert SSL certificates provided by DigiSign include the DigiCert Trust Seal.



  Extended Validation SSL certificates

With DigiCert Secure Site EV certificates, customers are assured the highest level of authentication, which means the highest level of consumer confidence in their website and brand. 
Choose from the DigiCert Secured Seal or the Norton: Powered by DigiCert Seal to boost conversion rates by giving customers a unversially recognizable, browser-visible indication that your site is trustworthy.

Additionally, Secure Site customers have exclusive access to the fastest validation experience available. Before issuing an EV certificate, DigiCert will thoroughly validate the following information:

•    Business organization
•    Operational history (last 3 years)
•    Physical address
•    Employment status of the requestor (verified by phone call)


If you are interested and wish to receive our offer for SSL certificates and security products please do not hesitate to contact us.