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Time stamping

Time Stamping services

According to the Law no. 451/2004, time stamping represents a collection if data in electronic format, uniquely attached to electronic documents; it certifies the fact that certain electronic pieces of information were presented at a certain time to the time stamping services supplier.

Through time stamping, an electronic document is linked to a data package that guarantees that the file existed in a certain form at a certain time, which allows the avoidance of various disputes.

DigiSign issues “timestamps” for documents and electronic signatures. Timestamps are calculated through data encryption. DigiSign supplies applications decrypting such “timestamps”. Users can access this opportunity through a web browser.

Security is guaranteed through the fact that the electronic documents on which the timestamp was applied are not transferred to third parties, only a hash being communicated through dedicated servers. DigiSign offers applications that can check the timestamps applied on documents or electronic signatures, allowing sending data through a web browser.

DigiSign acts as an authorized third party according to the provisions under the law no. 451/2004 on timestamp. DigiSign timestamp temporal source is synchronized to the national temporal source of the Authority for the Digitization of Romania (ADR).

Timestamp elements

  • the stamp attached to the marked electronic file;
  • the date and time corresponding to the stamped file, expressed in universal time;
  • data uniquely identifying the timestamp services supplier;
  • the timestamp supplier’s registry number.

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The practice and procedure code of the Time Stamping Authority S.C. DigiSign S.A

This code consists of a detailed description of the terms and condition which are followed by the Time Stamping Authority DigiSign in order to provide accredited time stamping services.